“The airlines absolutely want fliers as much as possible to come to their own website,” Mr. Quinby said


To understand further, let’s take a look at major airlines and their domain names:

American Airlines owns AA.COM

Delta Airlines owns Delta.com

Southwest Airlines owns Southwest.com

United Airlines owns United.com

Spirit Airlines owns Spirit.com

While not always available, having the absolute best domain name for your business is common sense for most major brands worldwide. It’s the easiest way for consumers to find out about your products and services either intuitively or as a repeat business.

“The more that the airlines can get the fliers to book on their own sites, the more opportunity the airlines have to engage with those travelers,” Mr. Quinby said.

By owning the best domain names for their businesses, what do airlines know that others don’t?

The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity

– Ayn Rand


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