anonymousPurchasing pre-existing domain names can be very difficult, especially when the value of the asset is in dispute or the seller has unrealistic expectations simply because the potential buyer theoretically has “deep pockets.”  Anonymity may be beneficial when knowing the identity of a potential buyer might trigger sale price inflation.  For example, a domain owner who would have sold at $30,000

Pricing Guidance | Popular categories

  • LLL .com (3 letter .com domain names): From US$ 100,000 and up
  • LLLL .com (4 letter .com domain names): From US$ 10,000 and up
  • CVCV .com (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel): From US$ 100,000 and up may suddenly demand $75,000 simply because they know the potential purchaser is a conglomerate worth $150 million or a start-up with $2 million in funding.  After all, in the seller’s mind, these buyers can afford it regardless of any other factors that might make the domain much less valuable. On the other hand, remaining anonymous may also trigger the opposite reaction of seller reading too much into the intent to hide, or even may hurt build trust between the parties. When you remain anonymous, a seller may not understand your capacity or be able to explore equity or other sort of partnerships with you.

    For those potential buyers of premium domain names that are concerned about arbitrary pricing based on existing brands or published start-up funding, look for a domain name acquisition partner that works on your behalf.  Stealth domain name acquisitions allow clients to remain anonymous during the transaction so that they can stay within their budget.

    With that being said and this is likely for another post, the value of a domain name is directly related to your existing venture or the opportunity at hand and we highly recommend our clients not to cap purchase budgets of a domain at wholesale or even retail levels, as you are likely not a wholesale or retail buyer, but a business operator with an existing business to support or a dream to fulfill.

    If you do wish to purchase and remain anonymous, talk to us. When it comes to maintaining client confidentiality and successfully closing deals for digital assets, we will go the extra hundred miles for our clients — it’s what we do. We have helped both private individuals as well as some of the world’s largest companies with premium domain acquisitions at price points that make everyone happy, and we can help you too.

    Tracy Fogarty

    Founder & CEO at eNaming
    With over 20 years in the brokerage business, Tracy Fogarty has helped thousands of clients achieve their goals on both sides of the negotiation table. Creative and result oriented professional, Ms. Fogarty strives on honest communication, value proposition, the big picture perspective, and bottom-line profitability.