In the latest testament of value, Namejet yesterday has sold the domain for US$ 41,000. There’s no historical financial record to track this domain. While a great transaction overall, there have been a number of sales in the past months with 6 figure NNNN dot com sales, two of which I participated in selling. $180,000 – $120,848 – $106,000 – DH / Tracy Fogarty – $102,000 – / Tracy Fogarty

While I believe the trend of NNNN .com will keep increasing rapidly in value, I’ve been seeing a trend in the uptick of NNNNN .com values as well with the increase in buyers request to acquire. Will you be a seller to hold out for higher prices or sell when the market is hot?

Namejet has also sold the domain for $44,317, a high demand LLL .Com domain name. The letters are not great for western buyers however they work better for the Chinese market. The purchase price is in line with market conditions and I expect further increase in the value of LLL .Com going into 2016. Will LLL .Com domains soon all be priced in the six figures like NNN .Com domains? The jury is still out on this and a lot depends on where China is going.

It was also reported today that XA.Com sold for US$ 850K. LL .Com market has been on a rollercoaster this year and this is not much of a surprise however, yesterday at Sedo the domain EZ.Com did not get bids above US$ 430K. While “EZ” as a term is familiar to all of us in the western world, it is the Chinese who are driving the market and in China those letters are in less demand.

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