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Pricing Guidance:

  • Domain Inventory: From US$ 10,000 to over 10 Million.
  • Minimum offer: US$ 10,000. All offers below this amount will be discarded.
  • Average sales price: Approximately US$ 30,000

Pricing Guidance | Popular categories

  • LLL .com (3 letter .com domain names): From US$ 100,000 and up
  • LLLL .com (4 letter .com domain names): From US$ 10,000 and up
  • CVCV .com (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel): From US$ 100,000 and up
  • Average sales price one-word .Com Domain Name: Approx. US$ 100,000

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Possible meanings, LIC:

Library of Congress
Living in Community
Language in Context
Largest Insurance Company
Long Island Convention
Low Income Consumers
Life Insurance Companies
Library Information Centre
Language in Common
Library and Information Council
Large Industrial Customers
Lower Income Countries
Local and Indigenous Communities
Leaders in Conservation
Life Insurance Corporate
Life Insurance Company
Loyola International College
Libraries and Information Centres
Life Insurance Corporation (of India)
Lower Income Consumers
Linear Integrated Circuits
Liberty Insurance Corporation
Lafayette Instrument Company
Less Industrialized Countries
Local Information Centers
Long Island Colleges
Lafayette Instrument Co
Library and Information Commission
Local Interagency Coordinating
Light Industrial Complex
Lowest Income Countries
Local Improvement Charges
Library and Information Centers
List of Commercial
Library and Information Centres
Library and Information Centre
Lesbians in Canada
Less Industrialised Countries
Lietuvos Inovaciju Centras
Library Information Center
Louisiana Interchurch Conference
Librarians in Charge
Low Income Countries
Low Income Community
Land Information Center
Literature in Context
Legal Information Center
Line Item Contract
Line Item Capital
Lisbon Ideas Challenge
Lagoa Iate Clube
Loan Impairment Charges
Local Interagency Councils
Language Independent Communication
Library and Information Center
longbranch improvement club
Land Information Centre
line interface coupler
lexacal investment corp
Liability Insurance Commercial
Library Information Commission
Lost In Cyberspace
local interstellar cloud
Least Industrialized Countries
Libraries or Information Centres
Life Insurance Council
Lithuanian Innovation Center
Learning and Innovation Credit
Ligation Independent Cloning
Low Income Category
Lithuanian Innovation Centre
Lynch Interactive Corp
Life Insurers Council
Languages for Int Communication
Listed Investment Company
Land Information Clearinghouse
Linux Integration Center
Language of the Immediate Community
Listed Investment Companies
LAN Interface Controller
Learning Improvement Center
Learning Innovation Centre
life insurance coporation
Lynch Interactive Corporation
Lavorazione Imballi Cartone
League Intermediate Cup
Left Internal Carotid
large intestinal cancer
large intestinal carcinomas
large-lumen intercostal catheter
left interventricular coronary
Leisure Interests Checklist
ligamentum infundibulo-cornuale
ligation-intraarterial chemotherapy
light intercalated cells
light intermediate chain
light intermediate chains
Light-induced current
light-intermediate chain
limited incision cholecystectomy
lipid interstitial cell
lipid interstitial cells
lipid-laden interstitial cells
liposome-incorporated ciprofloxacin
liquid ionization chamber
liver interstitial cells
liver iron concentration
liver iron content
localized intravascular coagulation
lumbar isotope cisternography
lung immune complexes
lung intracapillary cells
Life Insurance Corpn
League for Intercultural Cooperation
Live from the Creek
Lagoa Iate Clibe
Language Identifier Code
large isolated pouch contractions
lipid-containing interstitial cell
lipid-filled interstitial cells
Large Inspection Chamber
Limited Income Credit
Local Implementation Committees
Lethal Infantile Cardiomyopathy
Last Instruction Cycle
Legislative Information Centre
Lying in Clinics
Legal Issues Council
Life Imaging Center
Local Information Centres
Loveday Internment Camp
Lunar Imaging Camera
Libraries Information Centre
Loan Insurance Corporation
Leche Industrializada Conasupo
Library Instruction Committee
Local Immunisation Coordinator
Line Interface Circuit
Life India Corporation
Lebanese Information Centre
Local Information Centre
Land Information Council
Lecturer in Charge
Local Indian Councils
Local Intravascular Coagulation
Life Insurers Conference
Laser Image Converter
Leeds Infrastructure Consortium
Liquid Injection Cooling
Lega Italiana Cefalalgici
Linkage Information Content
Local Import Control
Legacy Interface Card
Legal Issues in Conservation
Life Insurance Corporations
Livestock Improvement Centres
Lady Irwin College
Libraryand Information Center
Laser Interaction Chamber
LEAF Innovation Centres
Labeler Identification Codes
Language Identifier Codes
Large Immature Cells
Latin Intelligence Corporation
Link Interface Carrier
Local Industry Committees
Lung Inflation Cycle
Lakeside Irrigation Company
Light Information Cube
Linguaphone Intermediate Course
Lead Inspector Certificate
Liberty Insurance Corp
Libraries in Consortium
Local Information Center
Low Income Card
Level Indicating Controller
Limiting Isorrheic Concentration
Literarne Informacne Centrum
Local Impact Committee
Laboratory Instrument Computer
Large in Charge
Lithium Information Center
Local Intersectoral Committees
Label Identification Code
Laser Innovation Center
lcci ivoire coton
Line Interface Computer
Local Intelligence Clerk
Logic Integrated Circuit
Long Island Challenge
Lugares Importancia Comunitaria
Laboratory for Inorganic Chemistry
Lafayette Improvement Club
Lands Information Centre
Landscape Industry Club
Launch and Impact
Leases Inwood Cerro
Left Iliac Crest
Legal Interpreting Committee
Load Interface Circuit
Lesman Instrument Company
Local Involvement Committee
Language for Industrial Control
Lee Imported Cars
Light Industrial Clerical
La Invasi=n de Cuba
logistics indicator code
Laboratory Instrumentation Computer
Language Information Constant
Lanis Internet Classroom
Lasting Impression Custom
Latin Infrastructure Center
League for Innovation in Communication
Legal Information at Cornell
Library Index by Company
Lincoln Industrial Company
Line Integral Convolver
Links of Interest to Costumers
Links to Iowa Counties
List of Illinois Crustaceans
List of Images for the Course
List of Indian Colleges
Livco Incorporated Chips
Local Interprocess Call
Location of the Informal Conference
Longbow International Corporation
Loran Information Center
Lota International Company
Louisianas International Cybermart
Luxembourg International Christi
Lycos Internet Catalogue


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