alandunnBusinessInsider just published an article by my good friend Alan Dunn. In the article Alan goes into details about the amazing opportunity and recent developments in domain names investing coming from the far east.

Dot-Com Millionaires. Almost everyone has heard this term.

Imagine registering twenty years ago. If you did, you can bet you probably wouldn’t need a mortgage today.

But that was twenty years ago. So, what if we told you that the greatest domain-name-appreciation era really started only a couple of years ago and is in full swing today, with China as the place everyone has to thank?

Well, it did and it is.

China is home to some of the greatest wealth in the world, but converting that wealth to investment (especially overseas) has long been a challenge to its citizens. This obstacle has fueled the growth of many alternative investments in the past. Some investments turned out quite well, while others (like Bitcoin) were too young to maintain such growth.

So, what happens when you have an asset that comes along and is digital, tax-free, rare, portable and has a proven wholesale market? An unprecedented rise in value is what happens.

I wrote about this same subject recently as well. Chinese buying domain names and domain names being treated as commodities is the biggest story of 2015. Its likely the biggest story of this decade as well.

Tracy Fogarty

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