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While selling domain names isn’t as complicated process as one might imagine, it should definitely not be taken lightly, especially when premium domains are in question. As a seller, you ought to know the actual value of your asset before you decide whether to sell it. If you’re struggling to find a service that will help you evaluate and find interested buyers for your domain, you’re in the right place.

How We Sell

Our outreach program is what makes these sales possible. We will create a campaign to reach out to companies, start-ups, Angel investors, and VC firms that might be interested in buying a new domain. Additionally, we will feature your domain name on our website, social media pages, and newsletters.

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Fees and Commission

As far as listing fees go, they are non-existent as long as we believe we can sell your domain for the minimum reserve price. We will not be featuring domain sales that are unrealistically priced.

Upon concluding a sale, we charge a commission - we will work out a commission structure that's right for your domain

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The Inclusion of

In order to protect everyone involved, every transaction must go through In rare cases, when both parties agree to omit from the process, other solutions may be considered.

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