Finding Violet

You’ve likely seen or at least heard of the infamous Disney animation about the cute little Nemo and his friend's crazy journey looking for him. Looking for a funny orange fish in this big world sure makes for an endearing story. Looking for a company though… not so much. Being found is very much existential for a business. You can have the best product, outstanding customer service, and competitive pricing, everything can be perfect. But if your customers, business partners, and investors can’t find you, it is all in vain. 
Say you meet someone at a business or social event and want to check their business out. Or you’ve just heard an advert on the radio about a service that may interest you. Or you scrolled through an ad that seemed relevant and luckily remembered the brand’s name. Or a friend recommended a company, thinking what they offer will benefit you. 
Whichever of the imaginary scenarios above you chose, you’re in luck because our theoretical company has chosen a great, memorable name - it’s called Violet. 
Colors are powerful in any aspect of our lives and brand building is no different.  Just the thought of a given color can cause a burst of emotions. Think of green, what associations do you make? Health, ecology, money? What about blue? Water, ocean, sky, freedom, royalty? 
On top of color, Violet is also a popular female name and a flower. Depending on what qualities a brand wants to communicate about itself with the name, it can be used with any of those three meanings to develop a powerful brand story. 
The color Violet is a symbol of energy, and strength, it represents the future, and empowerment, in color psychology it is linked to spirituality and imagination.
The flower Violet symbolizes innocence, modesty and true love, faithfulness. 
The name Violet is of Latin origin and was popular with royalties, mainly in England, Scotland, and Ireland. 
So back to our theoretical story, you remembered Violet, you thought to yourself what a great choice of a brand name! And now a few hours later you’re on a mission to find Violet - where do you find the company called Violet? 
Of course, the simplest, easiest, and most intuitive thing to do - you go to, right? Unfortunately, they’re not there. What is their web address? What do you add after Violet? You’re rushing popular domain extensions through your head…is it an .ai? Is it a .io? What is popular these days? Maybe a country extension? Maybe add a word? What word? 
Let’s search on google of course! You try that and quickly realize it is pointless - clearly, the company you looked for was not the only one who thought Violet was a great name. And there are all the meanings of it too, that show up in the results. Our Violet could’ve been there of course, if they paid for ads. Big brands often spend up to $50 million per year on paid search in AdWords with the average Google AdWords cost for a small business ranging between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on their Google paid search campaigns. That's $100,000 to $120,000 per year. Oh, and don’t forget, anyone can bid for the same keywords our Violet company does, their competitors are not an exception. 
LinkedIn to the rescue! You are looking for a company, so sure, the best place for that. You type in Violet and hit the Company filter. 1400 results? That’s not as many as the fish in the sea but dear, not far off when all you wanted to do was find a company!
Crunchbase? Doesn’t seem to get any easier there. 
Finding Violet doesn’t seem easy. How much time have you spent already? How does that make you feel? And how much money is our hypothetical owner of Violet spending on marketing, only to get someone trying to reach them, that frustrated? 
Sure, you can just put some extra effort into remembering Violet’s web address…Or spend more time searching with some descriptive words related to the service they offer…Or hope they’ll increase their marketing budget and be on top of all search engines and social media results when you search for them…And then do that again next time you send them an email, to make sure it reaches its destination….And you can double and triple check the emails you receive from them, to make sure they come from precisely their address and avoid being scammed…Dear! It feels like you’re going to have to find Violet over and over again! 
Now imagine you are the owner of Violet. Is that the experience you want your customers to have? How much does it cost you for them to remember where you are on the web? There are thousands of businesses globally called Violet and only one,  If you feel your brand deserves the best, your customers and investors deserve the best, get in touch. Let’s make finding Violet easy for your audience.