The Future of Domains Has Arrived

Fort Lauderdale, FL: eNaming LLC introduces .APP a new featured TLD (TopLevelDomain) to their inventory of domains. The .APP is a fresh way to host your website and a unique way to reach your niche. It allows distinguishing your website from the competition while making it easier for your users to find your app. The .APP is a great way to zero in and put full focus on your brand's niche. 
"I believe the .APP will help the mobile app industry because it will identify the brand and its specific niche. Having a matching keyword domain name that matches the brand is key.," says Tracy Fogarty, CEO, and Founder at eNaming LLC. 
Features and benefits of .APP include:
  • Distinctive Domain - A .APP is a great way to establish a presence with your brand's APP and to have a cohesive URL. 
  • Audience Engagement - Engage and keep your audience updated on your APP with secure links to your APP's reviews, news, and more. 
  • Discoverability - Your company's consistent, unique .APP will be a simple and straightforward way for your audience to discover your brand. The .APP informs your users that your website is directed towards a specific APP. 
  • Increased Security - All .APP domains must have HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). By having this mandatory encryption, your site is protected against spyware and harmful malware. 
There are several .APP domains available immediately, with a variety of price points.
 .APPs currently available include:
For more information on .APPs, visit
About Enaming: 
eNaming LLC was founded by Ms. Tracy Fogarty, who has more than 25 years of experience in the brokerage industry. Our staff consists of talented and experienced individuals who strive to make long-lasting and deep-rooted connections with each client we serve. Our client base consists of well-known entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, brand managers, and more.