We currently have the following domain name buyer’s requests:

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Date Request # Type of Domain Desired Extension Budget
05/10/2017 122 Client is looking for a Generic and Highly Brandable *one* word domain name for a Cyber Security & Privacy parent company .Com Open
3/29/2016 121 Client is looking to rebrand, interested in a one word .Com domain for a financial related company providing saving products, loans, and financial advice. .Com Up to US$ 100K
2/26/2016 120 Client is looking for a vacation rental / Travel related .Com domain name, one or two words combination, no hyphens or numbers. .Com Up To US$ 250K
2/25/2016 119 Client is looking for a short one syllable .Com domain name that screams digital, preferably Sports related but not a must. .Com Up To US$ 150K
2/17/2016 118 Client is looking for a one word strong .Com travel domain name. .Com Up To US$ 300K
2/17/2016 117 Client is looking to rebrand, interested in a one word .Com domain for a technology company providing phone and internet services. .Com Up To US$ 400K
11/05/2015 116 Multiple buyers are looking for NNNNN .COM domain names. .com US$ 1,000 - US$10,000
11/04/2015 115 Multiple buyers are looking for LLLL .COM domain names, cannot have the letters A, E, ,I, O, U, V in the domain. .com US$ 500 - US$ 5K per domain.
10/02/2015 114 One-word dot com for a private air business. Domain name that is simple, clean and screams luxury/tech/premium. Also, it would extend into high-end services like yacht rentals, exclusive events/parties/etc.. .com six figures
8/16/2015 113 Client looking for NNNNN.com – Beginning with number 8’s or ending with number 8’s .com Open Budget
07/02/2015 112 One-word English domain name in employment category. Client prefers a domain that may communicate emotions. .com US$ 100K
06/24/2015 111 Company is building a website which helps recruits and find a job by web cam. .com US$ 20K
6/13/2015 110 Multiple buyers looking for LLL .COM domain names .com Open Budget
4/30/2015 109 LN .COM, First letter A-Z and Number can be 5,6,8 or 9 .com Open Budget
4/19/2015 108 108 brand-able baby line .Com domain .com Up to US$ 75,000
4/19/2015 107 LN .COM domains .com At or under US$ 80,000
4/18/2015 106 NNNN .COM domains .com At or under US$ 10,000
4/16/2015 105 English, one word, vegetable or fruit dot com. Positive feeling/vibe, strong/empathic type – Updated. .com At or under US$ 100K
4/16/2015 104 Multiple Buyers looking for, LN .COM, NL .COM, AND NN .NET domains . com/.net Open
4/14/2015 103 English, one word, dot com. A consumer financial services company, would love to have a domain with strong, bold, and empowering connotation .com At or under US$ 60K
4/13/2015 102 Multiple buyers for LL .COM, NN .COM, LLL .COM, NNN .COM, NNNN .COM domains. .com Open
4/13/2015 101 Multiple buyers looking for CVCV .COM domains. Pronounceable .com At or under USD 15,000

L = Letter | N = Number | C = Consonant | V = Vowel

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