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Owning a premium domain name like Hire.app can help you grow your brand footprint, significantly improve reach and profitability, and position your entity as a premium brand.

The Benefits You Could Reap By Owning A Premium Domain Name

  • eNaming.com is excited to exclusively offer HIRE.APP the domain name to the public for the first time. We believe the .APP top-level domain is a critically important domain for the future.
  • As Progressive Web Applications are changing the mobile experience the .APP top-level domain is becoming an extension for app developers and others in the tech industry.
  • The .APP top-level domain serves as an easy-to-remember alternative to .com domains – where inventory has long been running low for popular words.
  • Google has built-in HTTPS security for all .APP websites. This built-in security protects against ad malware, tracking injection by internet service providers, and safeguards against spying.
  • If your company is dedicated and wants to get maximum engaged customers, the experience of your web app has to be close to that of the native app. There is a tremendous value such as name recognition, built-in security, and automatic SEO juice for leveraging the .APP domain for your web application.
  • Now is your once in a lifetime chance to leapfrog your competition by investing in this quality domain name. With this domain, you are able to be memorable, get found, be secure, and engage more with your customers.
  • The .APP top-level domain is the most important domain released since .com was released nearly 30 years ago.
Tracy Fogarty, Founder & CEO, eNaming

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