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  • Asset Package
  • This is a rare opportunity to acquire the whole brand and business package of a top-tier brand in the secondary market event ticket sales industry. Package includes a well-established premium brand domain, live trademark, Facebook page with approximately 13k followers, @brand Twitter page, 40 additional domains that are variations or typos of the brand, TM to protect from traffic bleed, and domain squatters. has also been doing business since 2002, until COVID-19 shut the market down.
  • Trademark info: Word Mark
  • Goods and Services, IC 035, US 100 101 102 G & S: ticket agency services, namely, providing tickets for sporting events, concerts, and theater nation-wide. FIRST USE: 20020512. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20020512
  • 40 Defensive domains
Tracy Fogarty, Founder & CEO, eNaming

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