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  • CVCV .com (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel): From US$ 100,000 and up
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Possible meanings, DPP:

Dogs Playing Poker
Department of Petroleum
Denver Pet Partners
Down Payment Programs
Diesel Performance Products
Direct Pay Permits
Disaster Preparedness and Prevention
District Park Planning
Developer Partner Program
Diabetes Prevention Project
Du Pin Ponderosa
Digital Pen Paper
Development Project Proposal
Disaster Prevention Preparedness
Downtown Phoenix Partnership
Division of Psychiatry Products
Delinquency Prevention Program
Department of Plant Protection
Defence Procurement Procedure
Director of Policy and Planning
Dewan Pimpinan Pusat
Dorsalis Pedis Pulse
Digital Photo Professional
Diesel Performance Parts
Demonstration Power Plant
Digital Pulse Processor
Department of Physical Planning
Developing Patient Partnerships
Department of Parole and Probation
Digestive Physiology in Pigs
Draft Program Plan
Direct Product Profitability
Dewan Pengurus Pusat
Differential Pulse Polarographic
DuPont Personal Protection
Digitally Programmable Potentiometers
Diflucan Partnership Program
Dual Purpose Project
Degree Partnership Program
Digital Photographer Philippines
Damage Protection Plan
Differential Push Pull
Directors of Public Prosecutions
Detailed Procurement Plan
Discharge Produced Plasma
Dakota Prairie Playhouse
Design Philosophy Papers
Digital Power Processing
Digital Production Printing
Department of Primary
Desa Pusat Pertumbuhan
Digital Production Program
De Promedios Ponderados
Directorate of Public Procurement
Direct Participation Programs
District Partnership Program
Data Processing Peripheral
Directorate of Public Prosecutions
Differential Pulse Polarography
Director of Pupil Personnel
Direct Print Protocol
Department of Power
Dual Path Platform
District Partnership Programme
Datblygiad Proffesiynol Parhaus
Disposable Plotter Pens
Donation Program P
Delivery Point Packaging
Direct Purchase Plans
Debt Protection Products
Development Priorities Plan
Designing Peacebuilding Programmes
digital photo processing
Dedicated Practitioners Program
Data Protection Principles
Data Presentation Protocol
Demokratische Protest Partei
Defence Planning Process
Dynamic Point to Point
Dynamic Pricing Platform
Director of Procurement Policy
Document Preparation Profile
day post partum
days post plating
deep pain perception
derivative pulse polarography
detectable preclinical period
diaphragmatic pinchcock pressure
diaphragmatic pleural plaques
differential pulse polarography
diffuse purulent peritonitis
diffuse-purulent pyelonephritis
digital pulse plethysmography
disseminated purulent peritonitis
distal pulse palpation
dorsal perforant path
duodenal paracellular permeability
Demand Priority Protocol
Dabhol Power Project
Disaster Preparedness Program
days post partum
days post-partum
Division of Polar Programs
Dynamic Pass Prediction
Directorate for Plant Protection
di-4 phloretin phosphate
di-4-phloretin phosphate
di-n-pentyl phthalate
diaphragmatic pinch-cock pressure
differential pulse chromatography
Drosophila protein decapentaplegic
Data Parallel Processor
Disaster Preparedness Programmes
Direct Printing Protocol
Directorate of Personnel Program
lys-ala-(LA)-dipeptidyl peptidase
Demonstration Partnership Program
Defence Policy and Planning
Diffusion Phonographique Populaire
Dead Poet Points
dentin-specific phosphoproteins
Development and Production Plan
Diving Project Plan
Department of Personnel
Diplomacy Programming Project
Development and Production Plans
Dengan Para Pengurus
Discharge Produced Plasmas
Dirty Petroleum Products
Digital Point Positioning
Dinosaur Provincial Park
Democratic Peoples Party
Department of Public Procurement
Diabetic Prevention Program
Dirut Perum Perumnas
Doradztwo Psychologiczno Pedagogiczne
Du Projet Professionnel
Disaster Preparedness and Planning
Distributed and Parallel Processing
Dewan Pimpinan Propinsi
Decommissioning Program Plan
Defensive Protection Pact
Deine Partnervermittlung Philippinen
Division of Printing and Publications
Domaine Public Payant
District Partners Programme
Debt Protection Programs
Designated Provider Plan
Diesel Power Plant
District Periodic Plan
Data Pre Processor
Deutschen Phantastik Preis
Dual Pitch Professional
Data Page Pointers
Data Pointer Page
Dee Park Partnership
Dining Philosopher Problem
Dana Penunjang Pendidikan
Dark Patched Pied
Detailed Project Plans
Division of Policy and Performance
Die Psycho Paten
Driver Penalty Points
Democratic Progessive Party
Development Profit Partnership
Decisive Power Points
Double Pedal Pad
data patch panel
Distinguished Past President
Distributed Production Program
Division of Physiology and Pathology
Du Progres Populaire
Daily Practice Problems
Daily Profile Production
Deal Promoting Partners
Dual Power Protection
Dylan Pretty Printer
Diagnostic Processor Package
Dial tone first Pay Phone
Data Processing Package
Deployment Pointing Panels
Data Processing Plan
Decommissioning Project Plan
Defense Planning Program
Digital Photography Portfolio
Desktop Publishing and Printing
Dalhousie Porphyry Page
Dan Pinball Place
Dana Porsche Page
Dannygirl Psychotica Page
Dannygirls Psychotica Page
Dans Pinball Place
Darien Province Panama
Dates of the Permit Period
David Polaris Page
David Prather Poet
David Pud Politowski
Davids Polaris Page
Decrease of Proposed Penalty
Deep Purple Page
Demonstration Partnerships Projects
Dendroica Petechia Petechia
Department of Plant Pathology
Designated Portion of the Permit
Developmental Program Plan
Diatomite and Perlite Products
Digital Pacific Productions
Digital Perspections Publishing
Digitized Plant Pictures
Director of Presidential Personnel
Discovery of a Palaeolithic Pain
Discovery Place Petroleum
División de Protección de Personalidades (Guatemala)
Division of Personnel Preparation
Division of Policy and Planning
Division of Product Policy
Division of Professional Practic
Dogs Page at Purdue
Don Putnam Photography
Drum and Precussion Page
Dumb Person Program
NCEH’s Disabilities Prevention Program


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