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  • Average sales price: Approximately US$ 30,000

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  • LLL .com (3 letter .com domain names): From US$ 100,000 and up
  • LLLL .com (4 letter .com domain names): From US$ 10,000 and up
  • CVCV .com (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel): From US$ 100,000 and up
  • Average sales price one-word .Com Domain Name: Approx. US$ 100,000

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Possible meanings, NTI:

Non Taxable Income
New Technology Innovation
Neutral Tandem Inc
New Technology Introduction
NeighborWorks Training Institute
Non Tobacco Ingredients
NASCAR Technical Institute
National Training Institute
Network Technologies Incorporated
Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information
Northcore Technologies Inc
Network Technologies Inc
Nutritional Therapeutics Inc
Non Tariff Issues
Nanyang Technological Institute
National Teaching Institute
Non Traditional Instruction
Northwest Technical Institute
National Telecommunications Institute
Neurobiological Technologies Inc
Northwest Telephone Inc
National Tax Institute
Northern Technologies Inc
New Technology Initiative
Nordic Training International
Nanomaterials Theory Institute
Northeast Technical Institute
National Transportation Institute
NovaMin Technology Inc
Neighborhood Transformation Initiative
National Tuberculosis Institute
New Teacher Institute
Norsk Treteknisk Institutt
National Technical Information
New Teacher Initiative
Nederlands Talen Instituut
No Title Issued
National TB Institute
National Title Information
National Tactical Invitational
National Transport Insurance
No Treatment Indicated
New Technology Inc
Nexxlink Technologies Inc
Nano Technology Instruments
National Telecommunication Institute
National Telecommunications and Information
Neutrik Test Instruments
Neposredne Tuje Investicije
National Telecommuting Institute
Network Technologies International
New Testing Initiative
New Technology Institutes
Nunavut Tungavik Incorporated
Northern Technologies International
Notification Technologies Inc
NASA Technology Inventory
National Touring Initiative
New Technologies Initiative
Nouvelles Technologies d’Information
National Tooling Initiative
Next to Impossible
National Teachers Institute
National Telecom Institute
National Treatment Instrument
nerve terminal impulse
neural tube implant
Nipple Trauma Index
non thyroidal ill
non-thyroid illness
non-thyroid illnesses
non-thyroidal illnesses
Normalized Trend Index
nucleoside transport inhibition
nucleoside transport inhibitor
Nucleoside transport inhibitors
Net Taxable Income
Natur Technologie Invest
National Taekwondo Institute
nuclear transfer increased
nuclear transfer-increased
National Trophy Individual
new technology investment
National Trademark Investigations
New Technology Instruments
non-thyroidal, somatic illnesses
Nasdaq Trading Indikator
National Telecommunications Information
Nordens Tekniker Institut
delta opioid receptor antagonist naltrindole
Northern Telecommunications Inc
patients with nonthyroidal illnesses
National Technical Institute
Nanny Training Institute
National Tune Index
Neighborhood Transformation Initiatives
northern tech intl
Northern Technology Initiative
National Toxic Inventory
Networks Telecom Internet
Northeast Transcription Incorporated
NEC Technology Inc
Night Train International
Nonlinear Time Invariant
Nordic Technical Institute
Northern Technologies Intl
Newspaper Technologies Inc
Night Technologies International
Normalized Thermal Index
Nowoczesne Technologie Internetowe
Negotiation Training Institute
New Teachers Institute
News Technologies of Information
Novell Technical Institute
Nagarjuna Training Institute
Networking Technology Institute
Northern Telecom Incorporated
Noesis Training Institute
Newmerical Technologies International
Noise Transmission Impairment
Non Transferable Issue
NASCAR Technical Institue
National Telesystems Incorporated
Nederlands Theater Instituut
North Texas Interlock
NASCAR Technical Insitute
Nutritional Technologies Inc
National Techno Institution
Neposredna Tuja Investicija
Network Terminal Interface
New Technologies Institute
New Training Initiative
National Taiwan Institute
National Trial Inspections
Neutron Therapies Inc
Norwegian Technology Institute
National Taichung Institute
Nebraska Tourism Information
Neill Thoroughbred Information
Net Tizeta Informatica
Newfoundland Travel Information
Nikola Tesla Inventor
Nitrox Technologies Incorporated
Nondestructions Testing Information
Norwegian Tourist Information
Not Terribly Important


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