Domain Names: An Ideal Investment Vehicle

Domain names live in a constant and lively market of buyers & sellers. There are numerous examples of individuals and companies who participate in the domain industry, by luck or skill, and achieved monetary success. If it’s time to sell, we’re here to help.

What we sell: We help domain owners realize the value of their naming assets.

How we sell: We will do extensive research of prospects, design an outreach campaign to all channels including but not limited to End-Users, Domain Investors, Start-ups, VC firms, and Angel Investors. Our outreach program will also include adding your domain name to our website, newsletters, social marketing pages, and more.

Listing fee: We only take on listings if we believe we can sell for the minimum reserve price. To encourage fair market pricing, there is no listing fee if eNaming agrees that your reserve price is in line with market trends.

Sales Commission: Our rate is 15% upon completion of a sale.

Escrow: To protect all parties involved, all transactions will be handled by In exceptional cases and only if agreed by all parties, other solutions may be considered.

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Tracy Fogarty

Founder & CEO at eNaming
With over 20 years in the brokerage business, Tracy Fogarty has helped thousands of clients achieve their goals on both sides of the negotiation table. Creative and result oriented professional, Ms. Fogarty strives on honest communication, value proposition, the big picture perspective, and bottom-line profitability.