Brand Equity

If you are looking for validation, look no further; Microsoft, Google, Nestle, P&G, Office Depot, Bank Of America and many Fortune 1000 have already figured it out: On the web, it is about location, location, location. Oftentimes referred to as Virtual Real Estate, Just as a storefront on Fifth avenue adds credibility and prestige to a brand, a high quality domain name adds instant validity and respect with customers, partners, employees, and investors.

Market Dominance

In many instances the same high quality domain name is desired by multitude of parties, however scarce and finite, only one may enjoy its magnitude of benefits. Over the last decade, generic & descriptive domain names have been of immense value to a number of disruptive companies in established industries, such as,,,,, and Many well known household name brands acquire one or many quality domain names in order to enhance their authoritative dominance, essentially restricting competition and lifting the barrier to entry in their market sector. Some of these outfits include Bank Of America (, B&H (,, J&J (,, Monster (, Google (, JC Penny (, K Swiss (, P&G (,, Microsoft (, GSK (, and thousands of others.

Web Visibility (SEO/SEM)

A high quality domain name will significantly strengthen your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) initiatives, resulting in a higher click-through ratio (CTR) and overall increased sales conversions. To learn more about the importance of domain names in SEO/SEM see the following links: Hits #1 After Its 1 Year Anniversary! (Case Study/Dot Weekly)

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Direct Navigation: High Performance Web Traffic

Like a producing oil well, some high quality generic and descriptive domain names provide a continuous stream of ultra-targeted visitors. Internet users, in their quest to find a desired destination, would often navigate directly by typing in a domain name in the browser’s address bar,  essentially circumventing traditional search engines. Oftentimes these domains are “Search Keywords” such as when searching for gold coins, or when searching for mapping related information.  This form of web surfing is called Direct Navigation and for many retailers and website owners, it has been proven to  contain some of the purest, most qualified, and best converting web traffic in existence.

Download the ICA White Paper: Direct Navigation (pdf)

Direct Navigation Strategy

By integrating a Direct Navigation strategy of either owning or leasing such domain names, your organization will be able to spend less time on click-through ratio analysis reports and ad-copy creatives, and as visitors directly land on your site, more time on your core business. Complementing your SEM objectives, investing in Direct Navigation domain names become a long term investment which provides constant flow of high performance intent-driven web traffic with non-recurring costs.

Other economical benefits of leasing Direct Navigation traffic include:

  • Transparency: Beforehand knowledge is shared disclosing which domains traffic will be sent from.
  • Reach: Historical data predicts the number of visitors a domain name is producing.
  • Tracking: Using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, tracking domain traffic re-directs to your website is reliable and straightforward.
  • Defined costs: Traffic purchase agreement may include a fixed cost-per-visitor rate.
  • Cost-Effective: In most instances on a per-visitor basis, Direct Navigation traffic cost less than Search Engine traffic.
  • Scale: Direct Navigation traffic is Independent of other sources of traffic and may compliment your ongoing advertising objectives, providing ad-scale.

An Ideal Investment Vehicle

As a one-off investment once purchased, high quality domain names require a minimal maintenance cost of approximately US$ 10 per year for registration renewal fee, making them an exceedingly attractive financial instrument even during tough economical climates. Historically, high quality domain names tend to increase their value over time and as such, should your investment strategy or marketing initiatives change in the future, the asset may then be re-sold.

Domain names live in a constant and lively market of buyers & sellers. There are numerous examples of individuals and companies who participate in the domain industry, by luck or skill, and achieved monetary success.